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Welcome to Jazmin Prints
I hope to capture the beauty found in life's smallest moments. It might be a cloud formation with light shining on it for a breath, the way the rain adds a new dimension to a flower, the beauty of spring's first buds, the joy of the start of a new day, or the promise that comes at the end of one.
Life is full of these moments that are here and gone. It is too easy to miss them and too easy to take them for granted.
I made a promise that I wouldn't let that happen any more. Life is too precious and beautiful to not appreciate it every day. It is also too beautiful to keep it to myself.
I hope these prints will brighten your day. If you are interested in having your own personal copy of high quality prints from a reputable source, please visit my galleries on Shutterfly. This link or any of the "Purchase Prints" links will take you to my albums on Shutterfly Pro where you can purchase prints in a variety of sizes or select note cards, mugs, mouse pads, magnets and a variety of other items.
Have a great day!!
Work in Sepia
Julia's Graduation
Natural Portraits
Schofield 80 Party
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Budget Friendly Prints including Year-at-a-Glance calendars (updated 12.29.07)
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